The game Factions / Teams

There will be different factions to play as a part of the game. It is up to the player to decide which faction group they would like to be apart of and we recommend putting together an outfit for the one you like the most, and a plain secondary outfit in case that faction isn't playing at one game, or is full and you will need to be placed onto another team. As it may not be the one you end up being assigned, depending on the needs of the game and how many have already chosen that group. We will try to place everyone where they would like to be. Each factions requirements will be listed below. If you have any questions regarding any of these please contact us. When putting together a kit use this as a reference guide to help create your outfit and items. Team colors will be noted for each group. If possible, either your torso or legs should have this color on it, or both; even if it's only a bandanna. Arm bands will also be provided if required to help mark the players or to even out the teams if people do not show up.

If possible when wearing civilian clothing don't buy or use new looking items. The more worn, ratty, and dirty the better. Remember there is no Walmart anymore to buy new stuff in 2295.


The Republic faction is made up of professional soldiers. Well equipped and trained these soldiers are good at what they do.

Clothing - Military uniforms or clothing in brown or tan. Players may also wear clothing based on the game series for these soldiers, as in full or partial military garb, in brown or tan.

Headgear - Brown military style helmets, berets, or civilian hats 

Armor - Brown military style armor or vests

Weapons - Unit Support guns, rifles, shotguns, pistols, grenades, mortars, and small melee weapons such as knives or bayonets


A local band of well organized and trained raiders, slavers, drifters, and common criminals out to create an Empire of their own.

Clothing - Civilian clothing, military or police, or a mix of two or all three of those, Legion patterned outfits, or Vault suits, 

Headgear - None, hats, homemade helmets, old sports helmets, military or police helmets

Armor - None, homemade armor, general armor, or surplus armor

Weapons - Rifles, shotguns, pistols, melee, grenades, flamethrowers, or rocket launchers


The militia are local townspeople and farmers whom have taken up arms to protect themselves and their land. A semi trained military force, though they are part time soldiers they're still an effective fighting force in their efforts to defend what they have.

Clothing - Civilian clothing, military / police clothing, a mix of two or all three of those, or Vault suits

Headgear - None, hats, homemade helmets, sports helmets, military or police helmets.

Armor - None, homemade, surplus military or police armor

Weapons - Rifles, shotguns, pistols, melee, grenades, rocket launcher, or flamethrowers


  • The Chiefs (color: red)

The cannibal allies of the Paseos. Based out of the old sports stadiums of Kansas City. They are a ruthless bunch of man eaters.

Clothing - Civilian clothing, sports clothing

Headgear - Sports helmets, hats, or none

Armor - None, homemade armor, sports pads.

Weapons - melee weapons, rifles, shotguns, pistols, grenades.


May Ra be with you!

The Imperial Army of America was founded in the ruins of Chicago. After some wastelanders came across the history museum and adopted the culture of the Ancient Egyptians as their own. 

Clothing: Civilian, Ancient based clothing

Headgear: Any

Armor:  Ancient based, Any other

Weapons: Any


In the wastes there are few good guys to look to for help. More so when you have a creature problems. The Silver Hand is a team of odd, fanatical do gooders who believe that their life's mission is to rid the world of monsters. And in the highly radiated wastes dangerous creature abound. 

Clothing: Civilian attire

Headgear: Any

Armor: Any

Weapons: Any


Guards will be a team that are used occasionally based on the game needs. They are "Mercs with a long term contract" hired to protect trading posts, trade goods, and trade routes. They fight purely for the money that the trade provides and supports their existence.  

Clothing: Civilian, military civilian mix 

Headgear: Any

Armor: Any

Weapons: Any


 A religious faction based out of the ruins of the St Louis Arch. Their goals are to spread the "Light of the Arch Mother" and wipe out the threat of mutants. Odd but usually peaceful to other humans. 

Clothing - Civilian or religious, white with black in color 

Headgear - Any

Armor - Any

Weapons - Any


A small team of highly trained soldiers who are part of a semi-secret society whose mission it is to collect pre-war tech for preservation. Mostly out only for themselves and their own interests

Clothing - Military (Brotherhood style)

Headgear - Helmets

Armor - Medium class or Power Armor

Weapons - Any


NPCs play a special role in the game. Their purpose is to throw a monkey wrench into the other factions and to help a faction they favor with information or supplies, or an extra body in combat. Some NPCs will at times be given quest items, information to share, or a possible quest for a team to complete. So ask them questions and keep a wary out out for them as well. Any player can sign up to be an NPC and all Admins will act as NPCs as well.

Unlike standard LARP games, here NPC is simply a player not tied to, or associated with a team. Basically making them free agents in play to come and go as they wish.

1 - Wastelanders - These NPCs are just your simple, random wastelander. Trying to make a life for themselves in the ruins of what is left of the world. Good for someone just starting out with little gear or wants to just play a simple role that can go in-depth with the role-play aspect, or maybe just wants to roam around and be caught up in the middle of everything.

Clothing - Civilian

Headgear - Any

Armor - None, homemade armor, surplus armor

Weapons - Rifles, shotguns, pistols, melee (allowed ONLY one ranged weapon as a basic civilian player, unlimited melee)

2 - Mutants - These represent former humans, mutated into strong, dumb creatures. Very territorial and mostly violent against anyone who is not a mutant. Though some have been known to be friendly and allies to humans. Some form of makeup or a mask would be needed to play this part. They have no team to side with, more of a harassing role for all sides, unless otherwise noted for that game. If you have an interest in playing this role contact us directly via email or the Facebook page. 

Clothing - Civilian

Headgear - None, homemade helmets, military or police helmets

Armor - None, homemade armor

Weapons - Rifles, machine guns, rocket launchers, flame throwers, pistols, shotguns, melee

3 - Feral Ghouls - Feral Ghouls are also mutated former humans but lack any ability to think anymore. They live simply to hunt and eat; hunt humans that is. Feral Ghouls are unarmed. Great for someone who wants to lurk around, hide in dark places, and scare the hell out of people. At least some makeup or a mask would be needed to play this part. They have no team to side with, more of a harassing role for all sides. If you have an interest in playing this role contact us directly via email or the Facebook page

Clothing - Civilian

Headgear - None, hats, surplus helmets

Armor - None, or military / police armor

Weapons - None

4 - CommonRaiders and Chem addicted Raiders (when used) - These raiders, unlike the Paseos, are unorganized. They work in small bands to attack whom ever they wish in order to steal what they have. Often high on chemical drugs they are extremely violent criminals.

Clothing - Civilian

Headgear - None, hats, homemade helmets, or sport helmets, surplus helmet

Armor - None, homemade armor, military / police armor

Weapons - Rifles, shotguns, pistols, grenades, melee


Shelter Dwellers are descendants of families that took refuge in underground shelters for protection. Now they venture out for supplies or to explore.

They have no assigned team at the start of play but are free to choose a side to support. They aren't even tied to that faction but can switch at will as long as the other factions are willing to accept them. Though fair warning, if you choose a side it's not likely the other team or teams will trust you to let you switch over to them. 

Clothing - Blue coverall / jump suits preferred, with yellow trim and numbers. Lacking that just a blue suit of clothing will suffice for the time being until a full outfit can be put together.

Headgear - Any

Armor - Any

Weapons - Any

6 - Mercs (Color: Black) - Guns for hire, they only care about who is going to offer them the most goods or caps in exchange for  their fighting services. Teams can "buy" Mercs services for a set period of time negotiated between the Mercs and the teams themselves. Unattached to any team they can sell themselves at will to the highest bidder or the likely winner.

Clothing - Civilian, surplus military / police

Headgear - Any

Armor - Any

Weapons - Any

Other items to consider for your gear:

Gas mask bags, bandoliers, airsoft /paintball body armor (some look like real police or military armor, less expensive and lighter), old sports gear like football shoulder pads and helmets, old boots, old clothing, worn out hats, old Communist military gear, surplus holsters, surplus ammo pouches, shoulder / carrier bags, gas masks (real or fake), license plates (for armor), old bags, etc, etc.... Let your imagination run when creating an outfit. Work to make it look like it would fit the game and have fun creating it.

For people whom have never played airsoft but come to us either through LARP or other places and you have an interest in purchasing a gun; we are here to help you. There are good and bad airsoft guns at there that vary in prices and we want to make sure you get the best of what you can afford. So, feel free to contact us and ask. We'll be honest and not push you to buy something since we're not a business trying to sell you anything. We'll provide as much information as we can on where to buy, what to look for, and if you cannot decide between a few different ones, we'll help you with that too by giving you the best advise that we can on them.


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