The Rules

Safety and general rules 

 1 - Eye protection in the form of full seal shatter-resistant eye cover is required at all times in the play area. If for any reason you need to remove your eye protection please leave the play area to do so.

2 - FPS limits and shooting restrictions will apply as per site rules. If the site does not have set rules then we will fall back on the standard 400 fps for standard arms at normal ranges, 450 fps for longer range, 500 fps for max range sniper. We will post the FPS limits on the event page as needed and if they do not fall into the above limits.

3 - No blind firing.       

4 - For a real-world injury the call is "Blind Man.'" If someone yells "Blind Man" then all play must stop. Administrators and medical personal are the only ones who should respond to someone calling "Blind Man." Unless you're a direct family member of the person who is hurt.

5 - No real weapons

6 - No fighting or violence. If this happens you will be asked to leave the game and possible be banned from all future games. Lets act like adults and remember that this is ONLY a game.

7 - No stealing. The theft of property will mean removal from the game and banned from all future games.

8 - No BB guns

9 - Clean up after yourself; don't leave any trash behind. Either pack it away, dump it in any on-site trash bins, if available. Or take a bag with you to dump your trash into.

10 - Safety kill will be in effect for all engagements 10 feet or less. ALL safety kills are melee only, no "bang bang" kills. Safety kill rules are listed below. 

11 - Smoke bombs, where they are allowed, can be either pull-type or lighting type. You must make sure that the lit flame has died down into the smoke bomb before throwing it.

The only colors not allowed will be red or pink.

12 - Engagement distances should be observed for safety reasons. Do not shoot someone, even with lower FPS guns, at a distance of 10 feet or less. 

13 - All game rules are subject to the site rules.

14 - No alcohol or drugs will be allowed on site at any time during the event. Guns, even airsoft guns, and alcohol and drugs don't mix.

15 - Verbal abuse of Admins or Players is prohibited and will cause a game ejection.

16 - Two-way radio communication is banned except for emergency purposes, or otherwise noted for certain teams/situations.

17 - No spawn camping/hunting. These are places for players to take a break before returning to play after they've been "killed." Do not camp in order to kill players as they leave this location.

Game play rules:

1 - Quests - Each faction will be given a set of mission goals at the start of the game. Quests will include simple things like finding items. They will also include more challenging ones such as kidnapping, or capturing territory. Extra quests might also be added during play by Admins or players on the field. The missions given also play into the storyline. Future games will be based on what happens during the ones before, thus altering and changing the storyline as it goes based on your actions.

2- Looting - When you are hit and "killed" you must remain where you are for THREE MINUTES. This not only allows for the gameplay to flow more naturally and change course before you have a chance to rejoin. It also allows you to be looted by your fellow players. To loot a dead player tell them that you want to loot them. The player should willingly give up the items that can be looted if they have any.  The looter is not allowed to go searching around or grabbing into any players personal gear or clothing to find loot unless agreed to by the "dead" player.  The "dead' player will give the items to the looter themselves. ONLY IN GAME ITEMS CAN BE LOOTED, NO PERSONAL PROPERTY. Items that can be looted are provided by the game in the form of currency, supplies, mission/goal items, or any other game provided items except for ammo inside of magazines and stimpacks.

*** All team loot and quest items captured and not held on your person are to be stored at your faction base locations; not at your spawn location. ***

3- Ammunition limits - There will be ammunition limits in play during all games unless otherwise noted. The purpose of the limits is to make gameplay more difficult and keep everyone from just constantly shooting each other. Most games will have small stashes of ammo hidden throughout the site for you to find during play. Ammunition that we provide will be in .20, .25, or .28 weights. You can "purchase" more ammunition during gameplay from people playing as Traders by using in-game currency found on site, or barter with items found. But even their stock of ammunition to sell will be limited, so word to the wise, don't waste your ammunition. If you have a gun not listed below, let us know.

A - Starting ammo will be 30 - 40 rounds to start with depending on the game. Multi-shot / Tri-shot shotguns will be given more rounds at the start of the game to offset the gun design.

B - Grenades, Rocket Launchers, and Grenade Launchers - A maximum of FOUR projectiles or shells for the entire gameplay. These cannot be shared with other team members but only used by the player themselves.

All grenade or rocket launcher projectiles that use fragmentation style designs can be pre-loaded before the event as this is considered part of the device's function. Gas "fragmentation" grenades can be refilled up to three times at the Trader or in front of an Admin only.

C - Artillery / Mortars - Ask for ammunition limits

D - Mini Nukes - Only one per player per event and we will limit the number of overall Mini Nukes that are allowed. Before bringing one let us know so we can keep count so that we're not overloaded with Mini Nukes on every player. The Nuke may be used once per day. 

Ammo limits may change depending on the game. We will be providing the ammunition to each player for every game unless otherwise noted. If you have a gun that requires special ammo, contact us beforehand to explain the process for that. 

4- Armor Rules - Armor will be in effect during gameplay. This means that if you are wearing armor it will offer you some form of protection from being "killed" outright. Each player will be marked during the registration process as to their armor class to clear up any confusion. The rules are as follows:

A - Light armor: Any chest armor (excluding molle or plain vests) will give the player TWO HITS before they are "dead." Any leather, tire, or license plate armor, worn on any amount of it on the body, is also considered to be Light Armor. 

B - Medium Armor: Any chest armor consisting of real metal (except for license plates), costume foam 1/4 inch thick or plastic (example: Football pads), made to look like metal, or kevlar vests IN COMBINATION WITH a helmet, limb, or shoulder armor will grant the player THREE HITS before being "dead."

Chest plate on its own will not count for three hits but the player must have at least one other form of armor on them for it to count for three.

C - Power Armor: Must cover approximately 75% or more of the body and made to look like a Power Armor set from any of the game series. With torso and extremities covered. Including a thick chest plate addition, shoulder armor similar to football pads, , arms and legs covered, helmet optional but encouraged. There must be three weak points on the armor, approximately 3x3 inches in size on the torso, with one on the front, two on the back. The weak points can be holes where bbs can pass through and hit the wearer underneath. These can be covered with paper to blend or uncovered totally. This can be substituted with electronic pressure plates, or hard plastic, or metal plates of the same size that creates an audible sound when hit that the wearer can hear. Power Armor is immune to all small arms fire unless it is struck in one of these weak points, which kill the player instantly. Power Armor is also immune to all melee or ghouls attacks unless struck or touched in these weak points. Power Armor is not immune to explosives, mines, or fire weapons of any type.

** We will limit the amount of Power Armor per each event based on the number of people who are attending. Contact us before bringing Power Armor with the intent to use it. You can still wear partial Power Armor in case you are unable to use an entire suit, and it will count as another armor class and will fall into those armor class rules.*** 

D - Ammo vests and standard molle vests  ARE NOT considered armor of any type. Meaning players wearing these may take only ONE hit before being "dead"

*** All homemade armor must be safe not only for you to wear but safe from using materials that could harm other players. Any metal nails, screws, spikes, etc, that have pointed tips need to be covered to prevent sticking or cutting other players. A good tip cover are knitting needle protectors ***

5- Weapons rules - Weapons rules will cover the types of weapons allowed which are as follows:

A - Airsoft weapons: Any rifle, pistol, shotgun, rocket launcher, flamethrower, squad support weapons, machine gun, or other airsoft guns, based on real guns or fantasy models, will be allowed. All airsoft guns will be fired in semi-auto mode only during play EXCEPT for squad support weapons like a SAW, RPK, or the like. An AK 47 or M4 with a drum magazine DOES NOT count as a full auto weapon.

B - Melee weapons: All melee weapons must be made of rubber, plastic, or foam; no metal weapons are allowed. Do not get physical, touch kills only. No throwing of melee weapons is allowed. To "kill" a player with a melee weapon you must touch them or tap them with it. Do not beat players with melee weapons. Use light force, enough just for the person to feel it. 

Knives made out of plastic or rubber must be 8 inches in length or smaller. No Cold Steel rubber weapons will be allowed other than knives of that size due to their weight and density, which could cause serious harm by accident. 

Any rubber or plastic melee weapons larger than a knife with an eight in blade will not be allowed.

*** All melee weapons will be checked for safety during the registration process. Nothing should have a sharp edge or be overly dense, hard, or heavy, that could possibly cause major harm if you mistakenly swing it too hard. Bayonets cannot be fixed to a gun due to the safety hazard of hitting too hard due to the weight of the gun behind the knife ***

C - Grenades / Grenade launchers: All styles of airsoft grenades are acceptable. As long as it functions as it should. Sound grenade kills have a ten-foot radius unless you're behind hardcover. Hardcover does not mean your buddy or a tree limb. Hardcover is behind a car, wall, or other such hard surfaces that covers your body entirely from the grenade blast area. For shrapnel grenades you are out if you're hit by BB shrapnel. Even if you are wearing armor if you're within the explosive radius of the grenade you're out. If killed by a grenade or other explosive device you cannot revive / stimpack yourself, or another player. But you are outright dead and follow of death rules.

D -Rocket launchers / Mortars / Artillery:  Shrapnel rocket launcher shells are the same as shrapnel grenades. If you're hit by a round from the shell you're out. Solid projectiles from a rocket launcher/mortar/ artillery have a fifteen-foot kill radius outside; again unless you're behind hardcover. Any rocket launcher/mortar/artillery solid projectile that enters a room, everyone in said room is "dead." If they hit a small structure or building anyone inside is also "dead." The same rule applies as for grenades; a hit by a solid projectile from either of these weapons, even if you have on armor, is an instant kill. Like grenades, you cannot revive / stimpack with these explosive kills but you are outright dead

E - Flamethrowers - Flamethrowers cannot be used as automatic weapons. They are only allowed to be fired in short bursts. These are instant kills, including with armor.

F - Landmines - These are a kill for any person unlucky enough to step on one, regardless of armor worn. Landmines can be any compressed air, gas, or BB projecting. Gunpowder or fireworks of any kind cannot be used for mines for safety reasons. They cannot actually explode, send non BB shrapnel, or be a hazard to any players on the field at all. Shrapnel mines must use only BBs and travel at low FPS speeds to hit a target within a short distance. BB projecting mines do not have a kill radius but only kill any person or persons that they physically hit with an airsoft BB. Like other explosives, no revive / stimpacks are allowed to be used with landmine kills.

G - Molotov Cocktails - These must function as planned or else they don't count. The kill radius will be the same as grenades, ten feet from the point of impact. No, revive / stimpack allowed, same as other explosives.

H - Mini Nukes - These will have a kill radius of 25 feet. A Mini Nuke kill is like an explosive kill. Meaning that you cannot revive / stimpack with one but are outright dead. A Mini Nuke may only be used once per day. It may be fired from a device or held by the attacker in a suicide attack. They MUST look like Mini Nukes to be allowed. Not a plain foam football or the like but an actual professional or homemade reproduction of a Mini Nuke that looks like the actual item.

I - G.E.C.K. - The device used to bring on a better world with a massive, destructive blast can be used as a weapon. It will be available on a limited bases provided by the game admins or by pre-approved admin permission only.  It's a one time use device with the same killing power as a mini-nuke.

J - Bomb / Explosive vests - By pre-approval only. It can be used only once per event and will have the same destructive power as a standard grenade.

6 - Weapon limits - There are no limits as to the number of ranged weapons that a player may bring or carry BUT you will not be granted extra ammunition per each weapon. 

7 - Radiation areas - These areas cannot be entered by players except by ghouls or mutants unless a player goes all out with a radiation suit. Then more power to you. The other way to enter a Radiation area is to have a Radaway packet on you or Rad-X. The Radaway or Rad-X MUST BE on your physical person to enter. After entering you must leave the Radaway / Rad-X at the entrance to the radiation area, as it is now considered used and out of play. Using Radaway / Rad-X will afford you one minute of time inside of the radiation area per each one that you have. 

8 - Respawn - Once a player has waited for THREE MINUTES  after being hit then they may return to their respawn/restart site to reenter the gameplay. This area will be dictated by the faction in which you belong. You will need to return to that exact spot before returning to play again. If you are carrying a quest item when you are killed you must leave the said item where you were hit and not take it back to your team base. This allows other players, your team, or the other team, to pick up said item. 

9 - Shields / Riot Shields -Shields will be allowed to be used, but by melee weapons players ONLY. This will allow the chance for melee weapon only players to get in closer against an enemy armed with a gun. Shields ARE NOT considered hardcover against explosives of any type. They will only be protection against firearms and other melee weapons. Shields also cannot be used as weapons. You cannot carry a firearm with the sole exception of grenade launchers as melee players are permitted to use grenades as normal.

10 - Trading - You can trade any in-game items with any Trader or player at will, including the enemy. These items can be found on-site and will include stuff such as reproduced items in the video game series, old clothing, old electronics, faux food, etc. These can be "sold" or traded to the Trader or any other player in exchange for currency or other items. The value of each item will be based by what the buyer wants to pay, how much they like you, and how well you are at convincing them.

11 - Ghouls (feral or intelligent) - Ghouls must look and play the part. Both types of Ghouls have full access to any radiation areas. Feral Ghouls cannot carry weapons but can only be killed with melee weapons and not firearms. Intelligent Ghouls can carry weapons but are subject to the same rules for being killed as human players. Some players may not be too friendly to either type of Ghoul. 

Purposefully shooting feral ghouls will get a player banned from play for a time period of 10-15 minutes, minimum, or players will be banned from either using ranged weapons for the rest of the event or from being banned from the rest of the event entirely. Punishment for breaking the rule will be based on a case by case bases.

*** You must get Admin approval before the game to become an Intelligent Ghoul. ***

12 - Feral Ghoul kills - Feral Ghouls, lacking weapons, must use their own hands to kill a player. To do this they simply touch a player. This is an instant kill on the attacked player even if they're wearing armor. Fun thing to play if you like to skulk around and hide in dark areas waiting to pounce. 

13 - Capturing prisoners - The same as looting without killing except you take the player, not the loot back to your own faction to be questioned or held. Some missions may also include for you to kidnap a certain person. Once you are finished with your questioning you can release your prisoners out of your area or "killing" the prisoner and forcing them to return to their respawn. If you kill a prisoner you cannot loot them afterward.

14 - In-game items - Any in-game items found or used must be returned at the end of the game, with the exception of ammo in your magazines. All quest items that you have found during play should be collected in one location at your base area. Fair warning, these items are still up for grabs if the other team is able to capture them until the end of the game is called. 

*** All of our containers and large items will be marked with "FKC" in several locations. So as not to confuse you with any onsite items that may be laying around. Some items will be marked "Not in play. Do not move" on or around them. These items are not game items to be used for any purpose but are meant to stay in a stationary location.  DO NOT MOVE, pick up, or drag around any of the skeletons from there they are located. ***

15 - Currency - Bottle caps and other currency are in-game items found on site. DO NOT bring your own. You can trade these for ammunition, services, or supplies. Return all currency that you haven't used in-game at the end so we can continue to use it for future games.

16 - Perks - Before the start of play each player will be allowed to choose one Perk during registration. There will be a few to choose from and each one will give you a leg up in one area of play to start. The Perks are:

A: Gunner - Receive double starting ammo

B: Doctor - Receive second Stimpack at the start of play

C: Banker - Receive extra currency at the start of play

D: Wasteland Whisperer - You will be allowed to control a Feral Ghoul or a wasteland creature for a period of TEN MINUTES, to do as you wish, TWICE per day. These will be limited to a couple per event. Creatures (non-ghoul) will also need some form of food to entice them to behave for you for that period of time .

E: Explosives Expert - Allows a player twice the number of grenades for the weekend (eight total)

F: Charisma - Allows players to get lower starting prices at the Traders. These will be limited to a couple per event.

G: Nuclear Scientist - Allows players to have FOUR mini-nukes per event weekend instead of the standard one.

17 - Stimpacks - Stimpacks may be used ONLY once per fill. They will allow you to revive ONCE after being "killed" without having to return to your spawn location. Thus restoring your allotted hit points (for airsoft players, think Medic Rule). They must be used within TEN SECONDS after being "killed" or they cannot be used at all. You cannot sit there for a minute or two while waiting for your opponent to come closer so you can kill them. That will be considered cheating and the other player is allowed to ignore the hits that you give them. To use a stimpack you must open it and either ingest or dump the components onto the ground.

Each player will be given ONE at the start of play and a second one if you request the doctor perk. These are the ONLY ones you will be issued during play. So take care of them. Once used they can be refilled at the Traders for a price. You may also use yours on another player if you desire.

You cannot stimpack yourself or another player if killed by an explosive device.

*** Return all stimpacks at the end of play so they may be used again in the future. ***

18 - Slaves - The capturing and selling of slaves is allowed by any Raider, Tribal, or Slaver players and teams in order to "sell" them for caps, or goods to the Trader. Sometimes slaving might be part of a required quest for a team to complete. If you convince them to give up without a fight or get close enough to physically touch them then you have captured them. The captured person should then be fitted with a slave collar, cuffs, or chains as a sign that they have been taken. The captured person cannot be looted except for quest items. The price for slaves will be worked out between the seller and the buyer. So work that "charisma" and try to up-sell the slaves worth. After being sold the captured person may return to their teams spawn point at their leisure and restart play from there as if they had been killed. A player may only be captured twice during play for the purpose of slave trading unless they agree otherwise.

*** Players captured as slaves CANNOT attack their captors, or kill themselves. They hold onto their weapons only to keep hold of their personal property but in-game they are technically disarmed. ***

20 - Truce - You may set up a truce with any team(s) that you like and are willing to have a truce. The truce will have a time limit of ten minutes, in order to give you time to work out differences, make deals, or exchange items. The truce is not to be considered a safe time and ALL eye protection MUST still be worn during a truce. 

21 - Picking Locks - Some cases might be locked and are not allowed to be opened without having a box of bobby pins on you, or the key for that lock. To unlock them you will have to either locate the key or if you have a box of bobby pins, bring the locked box to the Trader or one of the admins who has the key to open it for you. A locked container will be exactly that, locked with an external padlock. You may also bring it to the main Trader to have it unlocked for a price. 

22 - Safety kills - Safety kills are for every players well being and will be MELEE ONLY allowed. Meaning that you cannot shoot another player at a distance of 10 feet or under. Unlike standard airsoft games we will not allow safety kills with guns. No "bang, bang" kills are allowed but you MUST use a melee weapon within ten feet of a player or don't engage your target.

23 - Hit taking - With armor rules most players will not die with a single hit to the body. We ask that every time that a player is hit with a round to call out "Hit" or count the number of hits taken up to the amount of protection offered by the armor. Example: if you are wearing medium armor count "One... Two... Three" or backward from three to one. This will allow the other players to know that they are hitting you and that you are acknowledging your hits. Once you reach your max number of hits allowed based on your armor class yell "Dead" so that they know you are out of action.  

24 - Bounty Hunting - Players may place a bounty on any other players head during play, for whatever slight, or random reason that they desire. The price for "killing" another player will be agreed on between the player placing the bounty and the person(s) agreeing to seek out said bounty. Also, deciding on proof of "death" will also be up to the player placing a bounty. Players may leave the funds with the Trader to hand out if the bounty is completed, and the Trader may set up their own bounties against players. 

25 - Super Mutants - They are a class of their own, being larger, stronger, and tougher than humans. With this in mind they are allowed an advantage of being able to take THREE hits, compared to the human or ghoul ONE, before being "killed." Three is their base number, meaning that they can add armor and get the additional allowed hits as per the armor class worn. Example: A mutant wearing medium armor is allowed to take five hits. Melee kills on a Mutant must be torso hits only to count as a kill. This makes it slightly more difficult to kill them at close ranges. 

26 - Deathclaws - The apex predator of the wastes. These mutated creatures can tear a man in power armor open as easily as Cram with a pull tab. Deathclaws must look the part. Full, or almost full-body coverage, with mask or headcover that gives you the proper look is required. Admin approval needed before putting together a Deathclaw outfit. 

Deathclaws, like Ghouls, kill by touch. A touch on any part of the players body counts as a kill. A touch on the weak point of a Power Armor wearer counts as a kill. Deathclaws can be killed with explosives or melee weapons. Like Power Armor, Deathclaws will have a weak point that when hit with a melee weapon is a kill. Explosives kill Deathclaws outright. 

27 - Radiation storms - An alarm will sound as the signal for a radiation, or "Rad" storm. Players will have to find hard cover or wear a half gas mask / respirator within 60 seconds, the duration of the alarm period. To qualify, a mask must be at minimum a filtered mask, similar to ones use for painting or chemical applications. Full masks are allowed if they're airsoft safe lenses and don't require you to remove your eye protection to put on. If players have not taken cover inside of a building or enclosed structure and do not have a respirator / mask on by the end of the 60 seconds, they are considered dead, and will follow all rules pertaining to death. The storm will stay in effect until a second alarm sounds, giving the all-clear. Players can then remove their masks or come out of the structures without harm, and continue play as normal. 

** Ghouls, mutants, and deathclaws remain unaffected by radiation storms **

28 - Faction / Team Bases - Each team/faction will have a base location, separate from the spawn areas. These will be on field and in play areas where you will conduct your team business from and store all of your loot and quest items when not in use, or held on your person. Base may be pre-chosen by the admins or be open to the players to choose a location on their own; depending on the game. If we allow you to choose your own base area, the admins will give you an area range from which you can choose a base location to operate out of for your faction. 


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